5 Interior Design Ideas To Consider When Building Your Home

Interior design ideas

After searching and searching through all the homes for sale in Vancouver or any city and coming up dry, you’ve finally decided the best option is to build your own home. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be stressful trying to make so many decisions. You want it to be functional but at the same time, aesthetics are important too.

These five interior design ideas can help you make some great choices when building your own custom home.

Higher Ceilings

High ceilings are worth the splurge as they can give your home an extra-spacious and more luxurious feel while providing more natural light and space for art. There’s a big difference between 6′ and 8′ or higher ceilings and when you’re ready to sell the home in the future, you’re likely to have an easier time doing so and command a higher price too.

Real estate experts say that high ceilings add value because they “literally make a home larger.” When comparing the selling prices of homes with various ceiling heights yet all other variables like finishes, square footage, and location are the same, homes with higher ceilings sell for more.


In most custom homes some built-in shelving is standard, but when you’re designing your own home it’s a great opportunity to get creative, perhaps a built-in desk, bookshelves, or even tables. A well-placed built-in can even be the focal point of a room, like bookshelves arranged around an archway. Consider each room and where you might be able to utilize more storage. 

Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a cost-effective way to improve task efficiency while adding visual depth. It’s especially useful in the kitchen, but it can be helpful for any frequently used workspaces in the home. While it is something that can be added later, using adhesive strip lighting, the built-in options are usually more attractive and brighter. The LED strips or standalone bulbs should be wired to a main switch that makes it easy to turn the lighting on and off.

Kitchen Nook

A well-planned kitchen nook can add great flair to the design while maximizing space and helping to save money on furniture too. They add a significant amount of counter space too as they can be much more than an eating area, especially for a large family. It can be a convenient alternative for little ones to eat, instead of a fancy dining room with furnishings and a floor that’s more difficult to clean. It can also be used as an area to work or a craft table for children, while helping to keep clutter away from more formal spaces in the home.

A Unique Staircase

While staircases obviously provide an important functional purpose they can also be a visually engaging focal point with the potential to elevate the entire look of the home’s interior. Even if you prefer to be more traditional, you might consider using stairs for hidden storage. Stairs are surprisingly versatile, they can be used as bookshelves or even as works of art, such as a striking corkscrew metal staircase, 


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