6 Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend

Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend - tutoring

Are you looking at starting up a little business? A venture that could bring in some extra money and help pay the bills? A second job which will be a bit of fun, or let you be creative in your spare time? Then a side hustle could be the perfect thing for you. Let’s have a look at six ideas for side hustles you can start this weekend.

Dog Walking

If you love animals, why not get paid to hang out with them? Dog walkers are in demand as many people have pets that they simply don’t have the time to walk every day. You could easily set up a side hustle as a dog walker and promote yourself in the local area on Facebook groups or with a leaflet drop. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. The great thing about dog walking is that repeat business is fairly easy to secure. Do a great job and you could have a regular booking every few days from that customer. You could get paid to walk through the park with some four legged friends. Sounds awesome!

Bath Bombs

If there is one sector where people love to spend money, it’s self care. Taking some time out from busy schedules to rest, recover and rejuvenate is underrated. Having some you-time, embracing mindfulness and enhancing your wellbeing is wonderful. There is nothing quite like relaxing in the bath, is there? How about creating products that enable customers to take care of themselves? A range of handmade bath bombs could be the perfect business for you. Create products that people adore and a brand that customers want to buy into.


Next on our list of side hustles you can start this weekend is vlogging. If you love creating videos then vlogging could be for you. Content creators all over the world, some of which you have probably heard of and watched videos from, started in the same position you are in. All you have to do is launch a channel and start making videos. This could be on Instagram, YouTube, or maybe over on TikTok. Stand out from the crowd, use your voice, and show your talent and skill. Vlogging can lead to big money and is a wonderfully creative outlet for you to show the world your passion.

Online Tutoring

Do you have skills that other people want to learn? That is exactly what our next idea is for side hustles you can start this weekend. Online tutoring. Traditionally tutoring has been done face to face but with the growth of video calls, tutoring can be done from all over the world, with anyone in the world. Maybe you are an ex-teacher and have the knowledge to help students with exam preparation? Perhaps you can become a business mentor or coach to people creating their first start-up company? It could even be that those guitar skills come into use and you teach other people how to play the instrument. There are lots of people out there looking for online tutoring in certain areas. If you have the ability to teach via video call, this could be the perfect way for you to earn some extra money.

Rent Out Your Campervan

The next idea on our list of side hustles you can start this weekend is all about getting away from it all. There are lots of people looking for an affordable holiday. If you have a campervan, why not rent it out to people looking for that van life holiday? It’s much better than it sitting on your driveway when you aren’t using it. Brand your business and offer potential holidaymakers a slice of the open road by renting out your vehicle. You’ll need to look into insurance however a campervan rental side hustle could certainly help pay your bills and give you a bit of extra cash too. You never know where this venture could go. This time next year you might have a handful of campervans and a thriving business.

Start A Blog

How do you fancy having your own little section of the internet? Using it to tell your own story or discuss important things in your life? A blog is a wonderful way to express yourself and document your journey. However, it can also be a great money-making opportunity. Blogs, just like this one, can create cash in a number of different ways. You can sell advertising space, get paid for sponsored content, and embrace affiliate marketing. You could even sell your own products, courses and merchandise. Once you have a name for yourself, use it as a platform to grow from and explore speaking opportunities or book deals. Blogs often start small but can quickly become something you never thought they could be.

These six side hustles you can start this weekend could be a great way to earn extra income or even start on a new career path. What will you decide to embark upon? The first step is just one of many and this side hustle journey could be the best thing you’ve ever done.