7 Home-Based Business Ideas

Home-based business ideas

How do you fancy working from home? Ditching the 9-5 life and starting a venture from the comfort of where you live? There are loads of people who run a business from their own four walls and many people have this dream. Not many people know where to start or have an idea about what business they could run from home. Let’s look at home based business ideas and see which one works for you.


Firstly, if you have a way with words, there will be companies who are on the lookout for your talent. Copywriters work on creative and exciting projects and all you need equipment wise is your laptop computer. You can work for local businesses, national companies or even international clients. Furthermore, with everything done via emails and Zoom meetings, the world is your copywriting oyster and you can make some decent money from your words.

Massage Therapist

Secondly, our list of home-based business ideas continues with massage therapy. Use your spare time to get your qualification in massage therapy and then use your hands to help others. If you have a spare room you could turn it into a slice of tranquillity where clients can really relax. Choose your own hours, manage your own diary and fit in your work around your life commitments.

Interior Designer

Do you have a vision for style and knack for design? How about setting up an interior design company from your home? You don’t need somewhere for people to visit when you are an interior designer. You just need a decent website, some examples of previous work and a a great way with people. Get to know them on site so you can really get a feel of the property. That way it’s a personal experience for them and you can then return home to do the leg work from your kitchen worktop. Interior design is a great addition to our list of home based business ideas.

Dog Groomer

How about converting your detached garage into a dog grooming salon? So many people have dogs that they regularly take to the groomers. You’ll need to have a love for hounds and be able to look after them whilst managing your workload. By doing this from home you can offer a personal touch whilst also booking in clients in a convenient way. You could be washing a Bichon Frise or trimming a Poodle before you know it!


Our list of home based business ideas continues with photography. If you have a creative mind and are dynamite behind the camera, you could offer portrait sessions for customers and clients. This could be headshots for actors or birthday photoshoots for families. Also, set up a home based studio and you can offer newborn photography or cake smash shoots for toddlers. Even if you don’t want to have a home studio, you could still run a photography business from your home. Go out and about taking photos and then edit, print and create calendars and other products to sell.

Upcycling Services

Can you see the potential in things? Maybe you’ve seen chairs in skips that could become a stunning piece in any flat? Perhaps you see furniture in charity shops which just needs a little bit of love. Upcycling is a great way to reuse existing products and give them a new lease of life. You could create these in your garage and then sell them on fee free sites such as Facebook Marketplace. Look into niche buying websites as well, you might find lots of customers on Etsy.


Finally, do people come to you for the family birthday cakes? Maybe you love the Great British Bake Off and always think you should apply? If you can put ingredients together and create incredible and delicious goodies, why not become a baker? Convert your garage into a kitchen, get the right certification and start baking your way to success.

In conclusion, something from our list of home based business ideas could be perfect for you. Maybe it makes you look differently about what you want to do and it sparks an idea of your own. Turn your dreams into reality with home-based business ideas.

If none of these ideas are for you, then check out our money-making section for further inspiration!