Best Jobs For Stay At Home Dads

Best Jobs For Stay At Home Dads

Stay at home dads often want more than childcare and household chores. They perhaps want to earn their own money and add to the household income themselves. Finding employment that works amongst these other responsibilities can be difficult tough. Let’s have a look a some of the best jobs for stay at home dads.

Virtual Assistant Work

First on our list of best jobs for stay at home dads is becoming a virtual assistant. There are lots of small companies and individual business people who need a helping hand. They simply don’t have enough time during their working week to complete everything they need to. As long as you have a computer and phone you can help organise travel, book meetings, reply to emails. Some might need a couple of hours of help a week, others might need more. This work can usually be done when you are able to. With that in mind you might be able to take on a number of virtual assistant clients and schedule them around the hustle and bustle of life.

Start A Blog

Do you have an opinion to share? Or a story to tell? Perhaps you have vast experience in a certain area of business or have fantastic knowledge to give on a specific subject? How about starting a blog and sharing that information? You could use social media to direct people to your blog posts and also gain revenue from adverts on your site. Maybe you could even use your blog t document your stay at home dad life to the world?

Online Surveys And Market Research

There are lots of websites and companies out there who will pay you to complete tasks. Your opinion is valuable and you can get paid to share it. There are lots of websites that offer online surveys for you to complete in exchange for cash. Furthermore they will detail the time it usually takes to complete the task along with the amount you will get paid, before you commit to the job. This means you can fit them in before the school run, whilst the washing machine is spinning or during nap time. If you fancy taking part in longer term tasks, sign up to market research companies. With these companies you will find jobs that are often done via video chat, where you are interviewed and asked questions on your opinion on certain subjects.

Customer Service

Lots of companies offer customer service, however not many of them actually have a dedicated contact centre any more. The office filled with people answering phones appears to be becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays they hire people to log in from home. This is usually via a laptop, logging into the system and then phone calls are answered on a headset. You could also be talking to customers via online chat facility. Helping them with their orders, issues and offering solutions. Pick up shifts around your other responsibilities.

Pet Setting

If you love animals, why not make some money by looking after them? Perhaps you have a decent sized garden where you could take care of rabbits whilst their owners are on holiday? Many people have pets but don’t have to time to look after them because of the daily grind. You could look after pets during the week at your own home, or even take dogs for a walk on your daily walk through the park.


One of the best jobs for stay at home dads, if you are already looking after a child, is childcare. Why not look after another one for someone who has returned to work and needs affordable help? Sure you will probably need to get qualifications however you could earn a decent chunk of money from looking after kids. Even if you don’t want someone interrupting most your time with your little one, you could offer after school care for those kids whose parents don’t get home from work in time. The options are endless.

Freelance Jobs

Maybe you had skills that you gained before you became a stay at home dad. Maybe skills that you could offer clients on a freelance basis? This could be graphic design, website creation or as a software developer. If these could be done from the comfort of your home, why not find clients who need your skills? They will pay a freelance hourly rate or perhaps a flat rate project by project. You’ll feel great being able to do the things you used to whilst bringing in some money to the household pot.

These ideas of best jobs for stay at home dads are only just scratching the surface. You could start your own business, upcycle furniture or use your second language fluency to transcribe paperwork for companies. Make sure you look at passive income options too, as they could also help to boost your income. Whatever job you take on from home, be sure to enjoy the time with your little ones too. They grow up so fast!