How To Make Money As A Teenager

You Can Make money On The Internet_How To Make Money As A Teenager

If you are a teenager, the chances are there’s an interest in making money and having money. A teen’s social calendar can get very busy, there are clothes to buy, your first car to save for, you might be leaving for university. Now is a good time to start exploring how to make money as a teenager. And, there are many benefits. It teaches responsibility, commitment, balance, will get you out of the house (and out of bed), while keeping you busy, teaching a new skill and budgeting. Here’s how to make money as a teenager:

Start Your Own YouTube Channel

This one will probably already naturally tap into your interests and is all about creating content you have a natural interest in, or are already good at and spend time doing. This isn’t for those that want to make money fast though as the revenue stream will come from building an audience over time and displaying ads through GoogleAdSense. As a starting point, YouTube recommends YouTube Shorts (videos under 60 seconds). Watch here.

Sell On Facebook Marketplace

When was the last time you had a good sort through your own belongings? You’ll probably find that by clearing out old clothes, shoes, books, bikes, a console you’ve grown out of, you’ve got some stuff to sell. If you aren’t using it, then there’s an opportunity to make some money on Facebook Marketplace.

Tutor Younger Kids

You can offer a tutoring service in your best subject. Tutoring is always in high demand and you can help those of primary school age, who should respond well to a cool teen teaching them. Again by asking those you know and posting on social media, you’re likely to get a few takers and a good hourly rate for doing so.

Offline Opportunities

There are also plenty of ways to make some extra cash away from the computer. Here are some ideas for those that are after some inspiration:

1) Dog Walking

This one may require very little effort and can fit around educational commitments and nights out. It’s likely you will get a few takers just by asking a few neighbours, friends, family members. You could create a flyer and deliver to the local streets surrounding yours. Someone you know will probably know someone, or be that person that could benefit from a dog walking service. You can arrange your own schedule, with room to be flexible, offer dog walks daily, every few days or just at weekends for those that don’t need it every day, plus set your own rate based on a 30-60 minute service. You may even find you can take a few pooches out for a playdate and earn more in a short space of time.

2) Babysitting

If you have younger siblings than your parents are bound to have friends that need a responsible babysitter. Of course an overnight shift wouldn’t be suitable, but very often parents just need a few hours respite to have a quick drink, or go out for dinner. If unfamiliar to the child, there can be a few meet sessions that take place in the day before the shift. You’ll find a lot of parents will be comfortable in finishing the bedtime routine before they go, and it’s at a time that teenagers are more comfortable with (night time hours). Parents won’t venture far and are only a call away, so it’s usually something that both parties are happy with and can do with ease.

3) Gardening Duties

Again, ask friends, family, post on social media area groups where you live offering services. Chances are someone somewhere doesn’t have green fingers and will welcome help for garden upkeep. You could pull up the weeds, mow the grass, pick up the autumn leaves in winter. You can also offer help inside – maybe lifting, painting, car washing. You’ll be surprised how many people will be putting off these chores and in seeing you ad, or asking will prompt them to get it done.

When you are making money as a teenager, creating a budget that you can stick to is going to be important to you, click here to read our tips.

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