The Link Between Office Layout & Productivity

Conference Pods

Shared office spaces are often criticised for not having the right design to provide a sense of privacy. Modern office meeting rooms (also known as Conference Pods) can solve this problem. They provide spaces that have the best features of both an open space and a private space. But what impact does the layout of an office have on productivity?

Office Meeting Spaces

These days, offices are looking for new and creative spaces to hold business meetings in. The idea is to create a space that supports productive and engaging meetings.

Offices tend to have different types of meeting spaces; from open spots, to more traditional ones like boardrooms and conference rooms. You then have traditional small office spaces, that hold just one person and flexible conference pods, where a group of people can sit and work together.

There can be many reasons for choosing a specific type of meeting room over another. For example, if the company has remote employees, a conference pod would be a great use of space, because the likelihood of lots of employees being in together is small.

Benefits Of Meeting Rooms & Conference Pods

Conference Pods are designed to be small places, where multiple people can talk together in a collaborative atmosphere. This type of design not only boosts productivity, but it also promotes creativity by breaking down hierarchies and encouraging team building. Another benefit is that it makes it easy for people to move around without interrupting other employees’ work flow.

Designing Your Workplace For Collaboration

Collaborative work environments are becoming more and more popular in the office landscape. The idea is that by removing any sort of physical barriers and making spaces open and inviting, employees will feel connected to their work while also feeling more motivated to collaborate with one another.

The key elements to collaborative working space design should include: ample seating, conference pods, plenty of breakout areas, low noise levels, natural light, bright colors and comfortable furniture.

Creating A Flexible Workplace Based On Your Employees’ Needs

Studies show that flexible working works well for both employees and employers. For one, they make employees more productive, by allowing them to adjust their schedules depending on their needs. Secondly, they provide a good environment for collaboration, as employees can meet up with each other in person less frequently.

It is important for employers to design their space well, to encourage collaborative working. They will want to make every square foot work for their business and their employees. Big in-person board meetings happen much less frequently, so it makes sense to have smaller meeting rooms and conference pods.

The Value Of Modernising Your Office Space

The use of advanced technology and using your office space efficiently has proven to be imperative for the modern workplace. With the advancement of technology and design, companies are able to save time, money and space, whilst creating a more collaborative environment, which can be used to make better decisions.

Evidence suggests that companies that use modern technology and design in the workplace generate higher revenue than those that don’t. The staff tend to be happier and more productive too.

Note: this is a paid collaboration.

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