Use Your Spare Time To Make Extra Cash

Make Money In Your Spare Time

Are you looking for a new way to earn some cash? Maybe your day job is fantastic, but it doesn’t quite give you the amount of income you would like. Perhaps there is a certain and specific reason you want to make a little bit of extra money. Whatever the reason, let’s explore how you can make money in your spare time.

Join Focus Groups

Did you know that companies will pay you for your opinion on things? You can sign up online to focus groups and many of these now run via video chat. You join for an hour or so, give your valuable input and opinion on certain topics or products and then get paid. The payment received could be £40+ for an hour. There are also longer-term tasks that might involve daily input into a forum or perhaps even keeping track of your habits. Again though, you’ll earn a decent wedge of cash.

Start A YouTube Channel

You’ve probably seen famous YouTubers and perhaps watched the content on their channels. There is money in online videos and growing an audience will help you gain more cash. Perhaps you can document your journey in business, make a parent channel to appeal to others in your situation, or simply make daft videos for laughs. If you are already playing games on your PS5 or Xbox in the evening, why not stream them and make money in your spare time? The ad revenue on your content could become a great additional income.

Sell Clothes On eBay

Do you regularly declutter your wardrobe and get rid of some clothes? What do you do with them? if they are in good condition with plenty of life left in them, sell them on eBay. There are thousands of potential buyers on the platform who are searching for garments and brands you might have. If you enjoy this, why not go in search of other outfits in charity shops? Find vintage and retro clothing and you can support the charity at the price they put on those clothes, then sell them on at a profit. Reselling clothes online can bring you some good money.

Deliver Food

Do you sit on the sofa in the evenings? Maybe scrolling through your phone? How about using that time to be out and about earning some cash? There are people ordering takeaways from establishments that need delivery drivers. You could work for the likes of Just Eat or approach an independent takeaway to see if they need a dedicated driver. Whether you could get paid by the hour or per delivery, but it’s a productive way to make money in your spare time. You might even get a pizza at the end of your shift!

Make Crafts

Are you a creative individual? Do you love being hands-on and making different crafts? How about using your available evenings and weekends to create your own craft business? You could be making your own brand of candles, or bringing incredible scents to bath bombs for self-care. Maybe you are exceptional at knitting or wonderful with ceramics. Perhaps earrings and necklaces are your passion or you are incredible at upcycling old furniture. Create stellar craft products and you can find customers on platforms such as Etsy or down at Christmas markets.

Offer Gardening Services

Think about how many people have gardens in your local area. Not all those people have time to tend to their outdoor space. Some people are so busy with work whilst others might have mobility issues meaning they struggle with a lawn mower. How about offering gardening services and yard work to people in your community? You could make a decent hourly rate or charge by the project. Mock up a leaflet with your details on it, print some out, then go for a walk and push them through letterboxes. This could be a great way to make money in your spare time.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Business people all over the country have a multitude of tasks to complete every day. So often, the day simply isn’t long enough to finish everything. This is when a virtual assistant could be hired. Usually, on a freelance basis, virtual assistants work remotely, usually from home, taking on specific tasks for business owners. This could be booking hotels, replying to emails, organising meetings, or typing up notes. As long as the work gets done, it usually doesn’t matter when it takes place. So there is some decent flexibility with virtual assistant roles, allowing you to work around other commitments.

Create Digital Products

Have you ever thought about creating a digital product to sell? Maybe you can put together an online course about how to start a business. Perhaps you can create some royalty-free music to sell or a range of downloadable assets to use on Instagram. Other digital product ideas include fonts, stock imagery and digital art. The great thing about digital products is that once created, they can be sold repeatedly without the need for any further input. Once the eBook is complete, it can be sold over and over again indefinitely, making it a passive income source. Yes, you might have to put in 30 hours of work to begin with, to get it to that saleable state. However, it can then give you a passive income every week for the rest of your life.

There are lots of ways to make money in your spare time. You just need to choose one of the opportunities that appeal to you and begin.